Are you tired of pretending everything is OK?

Nowadays more than ever there is this expectation and belief that everyone’s life is picture perfect. That somehow they have it all figured out and they have managed to get to that elusive happy place. But when you look a little closer and you dig a little deeper you realise that there are cracks and… Continue reading Are you tired of pretending everything is OK?


Coming Home

I actually wrote this blog post a few months ago and never really got around to posting it as it didn't seem that urgent. But a few days ago I was blown away by a realisation made through my Effortless Lifestyle program and I realised my blog post was soooooooo relevant and desperately wanted to… Continue reading Coming Home

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An update on YogiMamaLove

So I feel like I should have a little update on what I am up to now. I started this blog almost two years ago during a massive period of change and darkness. My son was recently born and I was coming to terms shall we say with parenthood as well as trying to deal… Continue reading An update on YogiMamaLove

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When drugs aren’t the answer; A natural approach to Depression

So I mentioned in my previous post that I suffered from pretty bad post-natal depression after I had my son. In fact I have had a few serious bouts of depression over the course of the last 15 years and was kind of expecting it but I didn't think it would be as bad as… Continue reading When drugs aren’t the answer; A natural approach to Depression

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My ten minutes for me

There are so many things I could not do in 10 minutes and instead spend 10 minutes faffing around checking my emails for the millionth time or cleaning the kitchen. But today instead I did 10 minutes of yoga and it felt the same as if I had done a full class. The feeling I… Continue reading My ten minutes for me

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Challenge yourself

I think about Yoga a lot! Most of my waking day is spent thinking about yoga postures, sequences, breathing and a million other random yoga related thoughts. Today, I got to thinking  about the challenges that we put our bodies through...... In today's society we are constantly challenging ourselves and our bodies to achieve more,… Continue reading Challenge yourself